Creating Software For Myself Or Others

Creating Software For Myself Or Others

My reason of starting this entire not-so-experienced programming blog is not to delve into technical detail and share my solutions to problems, but rather enable me to look back onto what I was thinking at the time and how I have grown. So basically, it’s not for you.

Wait, you’re still here?

Anyway. I feel like this is a good opener because its something I need to tackle head on. When a business or individual creates a piece of software, who do they make it for? Their customers? Themselves? Now obviously this depends on the type of person. An entrepreneur or business would probably make software for their customers, for the money.

However, who do I make software for?

Well, I guess the answer is that I make software for myself.

Everything I make is a solution to a problem I have, which gets posted publicly on my GitHub if it’s possible that someone else would find it useful, but I really haven’t ever made anything for someone else with the exception of a small TTS thingy. So maybe that’s my problem. I need to make more programs to solve bigger problems that will help others, as well as myself.

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