Job Finding As A Computer Engineering Student

Job Finding As A Computer Engineering Student

Well, here’s to the first post of 2018. This year is starting off quite strong; people are eating tide pods, Donald Trump said in reference to African countries, they’re “shithole countries,” and the spring semester is starting in a few days and I’ll be taking three mathematics classes. Besides the unfortunate reality that my social life will soon be non-existent, I’m also searching for a job. Not your average college-student-mindless-brain-melting job, but one which is actually engaging and (here’s the kicker) in industry.

Finding jobs in software engineering is quite easy, when you’re a college graduate. As a student, your only options for part-time jobs in industry end up being (hopefully paid) internships, if you can find them in the first place. As someone who has no connection to software companies outside of those involved in the SourceMod project, putting your foot in the door is difficult, especially when the only companies hiring in my area are looking for CS/CSE graduates (or equivalent) with full-time hours, an impossible task for students unless you’re a super-human and involved in the medical field, where there always an abundance of people working full-time jobs while being full-time students.

At the end of the day, all I can keep doing is to look for opportunities in my area, constantly check job websites, consistently put myself out there to companies as an employable intern with an advanced skill set considering my degree progress and hope for the best.

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