Last post was in January and here we are in the end of April over four months after that post was made. Then, I was struggling to find a place to apply my knowledge, but thankfully an internship exists in my future. It hasn’t been finalized, but it’s certainly something that I’m excited to write about. My role would be to lead other interns and supply them with resources they may need and manage them. Essentially an “Intern Lead”, if you will. While this is great experience for me, it’s unfortunately still in academia so if another offer came in it would be in my best interest to respectfully pass on the position for a better one, we’ll see whether that happens or not.

As a developer, my progress has slightly slowed down due to the immense coursework that my studies are forcing me to complete. The worst of my four classes this semester are Computer Architecture & Assembly Language, Calculus II, and Physics 151. I’m still focused on the SourceMod project, but it’s unlikely that I will post any further contributions until this semester is over. My main projects, Steam-Discord-Bot (idler-io) and the Discord-IRC-Relay have seen some great progress over the few months, with idler receiving a HUGE configuration update. This was mainly due to the fact that it was designed poorly from the get-go with many configuration opportunities overlooked. Also, xml sucks. My most significant progression during this time has been in the realm of compilers. I’m unsure if I have written about this, but my goal for the year of 2018 is to create my own compiler for my own specified language along with a run-time for it. This goal is steep for a 2nd year Computer Eng. student, however I’ve collected a few compiler books & have the guidance of the SourceMod developers who seem to have a sizable amount of knowledge on the topic, especially since one of them was on the team that build Mozilla Firefox’s JavaScript compiler. Half of what’s said goes over my head, but truly it is what sticks that really matters in the long run. Not grasping concepts isn’t my primary concern, as I save everything I don’t understand and regularly check back to see if comprehension is possible. It’s a process.

Not sure what our stats are for this blog or if my development is interesting people other than myself, but thanks for reading. Let’s see where I’ll be in a month (or two) from now.

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