School, school, & school

School, school, & school

I’ve made a mistake.

Entering my third year, I enrolled in four classes. Of those four, three of them include Physics II, Calculus III, and Discrete Math. Past semesters convinced me that such a work load wouldn’t be a problem. I was wrong. 

On a higher note, I’ve taken a leadership role in the computer science club at my local college. Club politics can be annoying and it’s something I will actively try to avoid, but my goal with my presence in this club is to help people learn how version control software like GitHub works, and how it can be used in open source collaboration. I’ve been blessed with finding an excellent open source community which is open to beginners from a younger age, but helping other individuals in the club find their own similar communities is difficult.

The alliedmodders community, though, taught me many skills that’ll translate 1:1 into an industry position. My goal with the club is to share these skills to better everyone’s ability who otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to it. In fact, many kids that graduate out of college with a computer science or equivalent degree can’t even program FizzBuzz, which is really disappointing. For those who are in the club, they join to do more outside of class. While nothing is necessarily stopping them from doing stuff on their own at home, they probably just don’t know where to start.

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