Audio Glitch Download

Audio Glitch Download

Audio Glitch is an open-source day project which recreates the classic audio freezing sound effect as if your computer has crashed.

All you do is set the input device to your microphone, pipe the application’s output into virtual audio cable, and you should be good to go. While you’re talking if you press the “Hold to glitch” button it will repeat the last audio buffer frame repeatedly until you let go. It is a pretty convincing effect.

It was written using python in a few hours and installation links are below. The source code is always available, and this project is licensed under the GNU General Purpose License v3.

The user interface is rudimentary but should be easy to understand. The program is designed to work with virtual audio cable, as this project is quite useless without it.

Source Code / ZIP install

The license for Audio Glitch can be viewed here