Private Instruction

Private Instruction

Creating SourceMod plugins (or software in general) can be a daunting task, and while online resources are helpful: they often leave you with more questions than you started out with. The internet is packed with useful information to learn from, but nothing can beat a private instructor to help you with the specific issues you may be having.

As a third year Computer Engineering major in college, I understand the struggles that may come from learning yourself. Starting to code in early high school I fell into almost every pitfall at every corner.

As many who are familiar with me know, I do my best to help every individual when they have questions regarding to software development, but there is a limit to the time I can invest in solidifying a beginner’s knowledge. For this reason I am now offering private instruction for those who are interested.

If you are, feel free to contact me via or through other means if those are available to you. Screen share & voice instruction are preferred, however I am very flexible so feel free to arrange other means with me. This instruction is not free, but very affordable for everyone if they need the help. My base rate is $11/hr for private instruction, however quick questions may be asked for free.

Hope to hear from you, happy coding!