Michael Flaherty

aka Headline

Software developer and open-source junkie

About Me

I am a software engineer with an affinity for FOSS born out of a love for video games and modding them.

Friends describe me as Rust evangelist, but I do occasionally enjoy lesser languages such as C, C++, and JavaScript (node.js). I also play with snakes sometimes.

I'm good at:
  • Rust
  • C++
  • Node
  • SQL
  • C#
  • Python


Where I got my start: A administration platform and high performance scripting engine for Valve's Source Engine games.
Discord Compiler
Discord Compiler
A bot that allows users to execute code and inspect assembly natively on the Discord platform.
A fun weekend project that interpretes and JITs brainfk instructions.
A WIP karaoke game that uses an AI model to separate vocal tracks from instrumentals and works on any song. GitHub page coming soon.

Get In Touch

If you’d like to request a resume or report any security concerns with one of my projects please feel free. Other issues may be reported on the respective project’s GitHub.